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R&S Partnership in Belgium
R&S Management Consultancy
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Our team is a combination of
locally experience staff with western technology that can bring considerable benefits to our clients....

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About Us - Profile

R&S is a dynamic multidiscipline consultancy firm with international & local experience in Strategic Management, Human Resources Management, Assessment Center, Talent Management, and Coaching & Training.

Our main focus is to improve organizations and people performance especially during turbulence time when requirements for change is ongoing.

R&S knows how to affect positive performance results and looks for transformation  through process and behavior changes

Who are we?
We make our client capable, not dependant.
Our goal is clear: to provide A Class companies (who believe in the importance of activating the Human capital concept to reality), the customized process to achieve stretched challenging and exceptional results on a quantitative and qualitative basis and to acquire the bargaining power on the customer.
We are intending always on having a leading role in human capital management revolution, accordingly we adopted strategy of integrated Human resource cycle that started with planning, assessment, performance management, development, coaching and retention.
We are committed to support organizations in Human Resources Development with clear return on investment, hitting top line and bottom figures.
The difference is that R&S consultants have hands on experience in different industries such as (pharmaceutical - banking – steel mills –garments – glass industry – carton and transportation of heavy equipments), which will help organizations in an unparallel way to build on its present assets to overcome the competitive pressure and develop applicable solutions aiming at fitting people to actual business requirements.
We believe that this represents our main competitive edge; as such, we strive to constantly upgrade & fine tune these methodologies to remain in line with international business’s standards.
Our Core Competencies
Strategic Management :
The ability to use information to cause change & create competitive advantage.
 Do things right from first time - Performance level (L1)
Process Management:
The ability of an organization to make sure that the process & the system produce the desired outcomes every time. Do things better-Performance level (L2)
Human Capital Management :
The ability to create a work environment in which individuals & team can optimize performance through empowerment of people. Do the best-Performance level (L3)
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