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R&S Partnership in Belgium
R&S Management Consultancy
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Our team is a combination of
locally experience staff with western technology that can bring considerable benefits to our clients....

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Services - Training, Coaching & Development
"Translating the rhetoric of people are our most important assets into reality."
R&S offers you training-programmes for the optimization of your management skills, each tailor-made and adapted to suit your organization and the needs of each individual
These training programmes are based upon;
  • Analysis of your specific circumstances.
  • Analysis of the training – needs of your affected staff.
  • Analysis of the learning style to individual.
    These in Company training programmes include:
    Performance Management progam
    Balanced Scorecard training
    Organization Behavior training
    Strategic Human Resources
    A course established to train participants in the techniques for Win-Win negotiation.
    Coaching for High Performances
    Developing a coaching style necessary to maximize the motivation and performance of your personnel.
    Interview techniques & Assessment
    Offering you technical insight and practical skills directed towards effective selection & Assessment.
    Territory management
    A toolbox for sales and marketing team to reach their golden customers through optimized targeting and segmentation.
    Better Communication = Better sales
    Developing communication skills aimed at determining the rational and emotional needs of internal and external customers.
    Our consultants translate your “Wants & needs” into a specific action-plan.
    Direct contact with you and your organization is the basis for our success. The market evolves rapidly and each day new methods such as self-determination, 360 total feedback and Territory management appear. R&S monitors these changes for implementation in your daily practice.
    Together we pursue excellence.
    Coaching is intended to optimize the processes of self-steering. A current approach is a combination of in-company and external coaching.
    People in higher executive positions recognize more and more the advantages and opportunities of working with an external coach on a regular basis.
    R&S refers to “on the job training” as steering activities “from the sidelines”  that are directed at the optimal use and further development of present skills aimed at realizing the goals of the company. The coach thinks and works on the basis of his broad experience.
    Through individual coaching  R&S ensures that team-members apply new knowledge and skills in their daily working practice.
    Within a framework of “one to one” interaction, the aims are to :
  • Increase performances to a higher level.
  • Encourage positive behavior
  • Optimize self-steering and self management
    Coaching increases the efficiency of your organization through teaching people actively and directly how to utilize their strengths and constructively deal with their weaknesses.
    The different phases are:
  • Preparatory phase
  • Coaching on the spot
  • Coaching – debriefing and Action plan to improve outlook and behavior.
  • Top
    Career Planning
    Needs from individuals and companies
  • How to find out about the candidate integrity, judgment, energy, balance, extrovert and drive to get things done?
  • Will the talent you want to hire have the soul & goal in accordance with the companies’ soul & goal?
  • How can I improve the validity if my evaluation with the future job performance?
  • How can we assess accurately our high potential peoples’ career?
  • How can we check if the candidate will become a good leader?
  • Who are the appropriate and talented people for the right job?
  • Who are the people to develop and how, as to reach the highest return on investment?
  • What are the training needs?
  • How to reach the highest return of the Human Capital?
    Needs for competency-based selection
  • Poor performance or productivity in a critical job
  • High turnover / poor retention
  • Succession planning
  • Long learning curve times
  • Organizational change
    The best way for a company to motivate employees for the current business and innovation is a good vision, living the values and using balanced incentives*.
  • My employees need to increase their ability to respond to the moving working conditions
    (intern and market).
  • How to help my employees/team to have an impressive personality and to maintain more flexibility at the same time
  • How to improve the management of tension and tensed situations
  • Where is the life-force and where do I/we want to go for?
  • Where is my/our deeper motor?
  • Additional for individuals
  • Preparation + support + consolidation of employees and teams in transition periods and career changes
  • How to find balance between private and professional life?
  • I want to have more self confidence.
  • The correspondence between the messages I want to give and how it is received is not always clear (body language).
  • AIMS
  • Centering and awareness  of unconscious body language in daily and professional life.
  • Contact one’s personal movement, pattern and the movement of a group or  groups process + evaluation + focusing
  • Discovering the relationship of
    1. The own body and the inner world
    2. Oneself and the outside world
  • Find out the real potency and potentiality of the individual and the group
  • Initial impetus of the development of one’s skills (potentiality) in relationship with the other and with the environment and according to one’s priorities.
    • Generally we can say that the movement in the work is based on: consciousness of the present, going inside to decipher the deeper more, unconscious level and gradually building up to the outside world.
    • The used techniques are :
    • - Martial art.
      - Psychological cool downs.
    • More confidence and stability with flexibility.
    • Integration and maximizing of possibilities, skills through creativity.
    • Contact with inner source and “author of own life”.
    • Contact with inner drive, inner space and liberty.
    An effective change in cooperation can be seen, especially in varying situations, as people react less from fear but are refocused on targets and results as a group.
    Note :
    In order to present a made-to-measure program the aims and approaches have to be specified for each seminar according to the need of the group.
    Also the language of the seminar might be defined in advance.
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