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Organizational Development

Organizational development is the process towards organization structure process to influence employee behavior and motivation. The ultimate outcome of OD is change that turns to achievement. R&S develops key values to establish process to support and motivate employees. OD is a process concerned with bottom up development. It works with individuals, teams and departments.

Organizational Design

Organization design is the process of improving both technical and people side of the business. It is the comprehensive holistic approach for improvement, tackling customer service, organization growth, cost reduction, improving cycle time which leads to employee engagement. R&S has the expertise and experience with different sectors to manage organizational change and redesign.

Change Management

Going through change can be a stressful and confusing period for any company. During change management process, you learn how to deal with group dynamics, employee input, the bottom- up approach, project management, etc. R&S calculates the ROI for each new intervention during the change period.

Organizational Structure (Restructuring and downsizing)

The aim of downsizing is to restructure the organization to make it more competitive. It is a natural progression in terms of development of organizational development. We focus on three human capital competencies: human capital management, strategic management and process management.

R&S has developed integrated performance improvement process: analyze, transfer and transform; to maximize performance in the three critical areas of organizational competencies mentioned above.

Organizational Culture

It is easy to establish organizational values and core competencies, but it is quite challenging to activate and implement those values to establish a strong culture. After years of experience, R&S has established a practical model to embed culture in employee behaviors.