R&S management consultancy, was life dream of its founder,
Dr. Nadia El Shafei had an aim to establish an entity to help and coach individuals, organizations leveraging their capabilities for extra miles, believing that the most powerful tool for organization effectiveness and efficiency is utilization of talent by making people more committed and engaged.

She realized her dream, took action and opened a consulting firm that focusses on the human capital and talent management. Over the course of fifteen years she has grown a reputable company with mainly Multinational pharmaceutical organizations in MENA Region, her dream is to diversify clients base.
Read all about our story of origins.


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1993: Establishment of Company

R&S is founded in Belgium by Dirk Roosen. At this moment, it is an international consulting firm with an excellent reputation and client base that is looking to expand in the direction of the MENA region.

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2001-2004: We Improved Ourselves

Nadia El shafei has gone in a partnership with R&S International Management Consultancy in Belgium from 2001 till 2004 & was responsible for MENA REGION business to give value added to customers from culture understanding with western experience and technology which has resulted in considerable benefit to clients.

Dirk Roosen and Nadia El Shafei together they take on different cases on corporate level in the region, which they completed with success.

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2005- R&S Management Consultancy (L.L.C)-Egypt

R&S Egypt has established since 2005, as a limited liability company responsible for the MENA region.
At this point in time, the company in Egypt runs independently.

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2015- Global Challenge

Now an emergency technology could pause some of the biggest opportunities to enterprises in the near future.

R&S has digitalized all process, workflow and procedures, through Salesforce platform to spend more time connecting with customers.

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2016- Woman Entrepreneurship

Dr. Nadia El Shafei has completed Goldman Sachs 10,000 Woman Program in May 2016, where she has been recognized as one of the highly successful members.

Also, she is associated with Executive Committee for Business Woman 21 Egypt – BWE 21.

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2017-2018- Sustainability

A well-established consulting firm with extensive Global and local experience. broadening our channels to the market of UK, Canada and Italy. The ties with the Belgian firm are still strong. Becoming partner with a&dc for assessment development tools. New partnerships have arisen with the Italian based Awair.
Dr. Nadia El Shafei, has got Hogen Certification Milan By Awair.