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R&S team offers support and expertise on a wide range of possible questions and problems your company might encounter. The diverse solutions we offer are cost- effective and efficient. All of the propositions are based on the practical experience of our senior advisers. Depending on the client and the request, a consultant is chosen to fulfill the organization’s needs.

Our ultimate goal is to make ourselves obsolete to our clients. We make our clients capable, not dependent.

Your Needs

You might detect a knowledge or skill gap in certain areas of your company. In that case, it is wise to collaborate with a consultant to teach you or your employees how to fill this gap.


R&S offers solutions to the following challenges:

  • Aligning HR strategies with the company objectives
  • Introducing the performance management cycle
  • Challenging employees to increase productivity
  • Determining the criteria that measure the employees’ success
  • Let the employees see the managers as coaches who are there to help them achieve success (Coaching & mentoring)
  • Developing effectiveness in human resources management (Recruitment & selection)

Human resources strategic planning

R&S helps you to set the procedures for making decisions about the organization’s long-term goals and strategies. Thinking ahead and planning for the future in a concrete and realistic fashion are one of the hardest tasks a manager has to do. It is clear though that companies with clear short- and long-term goals perform better. We offer our advice and hands- on experience alongside the most recent methods.

Performance Management

Performance management is the process cycle of optimization of the employees’ performance. This is a perpetual cycle as we should continuously improve ourselves. During the intervention you get handed the tools and methods that you need to apply improvement to your work environment and yourself.

Job Analysis/ Job Description

Job analysis helps you identify the job duties, responsibilities, requirements, behaviors, skills and the physical and mental requirements for each job. This helps the organization determine which employee is best for each position, subsequently determine the placement of jobs properly.

Job Evaluation

In the job evaluation process, we create a generic job factors list for your company, select the positions to evaluate, assign rating to each factor and calculate the total points for each position.

Job Grading

We group together individual jobs into job classifications and establish grading levels and criteria. Then, assign each job classification a job grade.

Job Pricing

Firstly, we determine wage scale influences, and then collect information about current wage scale rates. This is then followed by analyzing wage rate results, setting a wage scale and finally revising a wage scale.

Salary Structure

The process starts with the identifying of benchmark companies, job matching and identifying market average wages and then develop salary structure.

Strategic Compensation

Strategic compensation links the compensation of employees to the mission and objectives of the organization. It serves to associate the monetary payments made to employees with specific functions of the HR program in establishing a pay for performance standard.

Balance Score Card (BSC)

It is a tool that translates an organization’s mission and strategy into a comprehensive set of performance measures that provides the framework for a strategic measurements and performance management system.


The result of R&S Consultancy projects is calculated through ROI formula that is reflected in revenue and profit growth, on the organizational level. As for the individual level, it will be calculated through leveraged productivity and innovation.