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Founder Message

My story started since graduating from college, dreaming to have a consulting firm. I was lucky to gain experience working with multinational organizations where they helped develop professional behavior and support me to achieve my career goals. I was always eager to strive for knowledge and experience rather than waiting for an opportunity to come my way. The result of this principal was being HR manager for Bank of Credit and Commerce at 27 years old.
I got discovered by my Managing Director who put me on the right track of the HR career. Since then I started seeing my love and affection to dealing with people. I achieved my dream of having a consulting firm in 2005. My main focus was how to discover potentiality and inspire individuals and teams for bettering their performance.
During the journey focusing on helping and supporting people to build their career, I care to establish long term relationship with people who we collaborate with to become their first aid for career consultation.
My key message is that the best business model is to do what you believe in and put your heart and soul into it. The recipe for success in life and business; is passion and continuous self-development initiatives. Entrepreneurship is a never-ending learning curve. My passion motivates me to proactively learn from everyone around (organizations, coaches, team members, customers, family) and make best use of the knowledge gained.
I believe that success follows those who follow their heart, and are truly passionate and committed to reach the sky.
This is the cornerstone that has allowed me to become an entrepreneur.
In this current era, we should put priorities to run the show: family first, business second; to gain the support of all your family members during the journey of career growth.